Celebrity Weight and the lies that fuel our disordered eating

Caution: This post contains lots of pictures of me in a bikini.



I Google everything— although these days Google is irritating me with their invasive policies—and my dirty secret is that I sometimes Google celebrity weights, because you know, I want to know what 120lbs on 5’3″ frame would look like. This week I have been obsessed with my own weight as I have gained several pounds and so I have been Googling celebrities who I think should weigh about the same as I do.

Who tell me do dat?

The madness follows…

I have used photos of my own body because I know what size I am and I can verify my own weight.

Since I know my own weight and height let’s compare things that are known to…the patently crazy things that Hollywood would have us believe.


Here I am at 5’3 (160cm) weighing in at 116lbs (I was actually ill and had lost tons of weight)



Now here is Alicia Keys who according to several sources (note I did not say reliable sources) allegedly weighs in at 122lbs on her 5′ 6″ frame

Right, so according to Hollywood people Alicia is 3 inches taller than me, weighs a mere six pounds more and yet…

Here I am four months after giving birth to my son with 141 lbs on my 5′ 3″ frame, allegedly 19lbs heavier than Alicia in that image… still looking smaller than Alicia (who looks hot)




Now here is Paula Patton who it is reported carries a mere 115lbs on her 5′ 4″

Don't get distracted by her hot husband Robin Thicke

Don't get distracted by her hot husband Robin Thicke

and here I am carrying 120 lbs on my 5″3′ frame



Beyoncé who allegedly weighs in at 128lbs on her 5′ 3″ frame


Me carrying 125lbs on my 5’3″ frame

and here I am at 131lbs 

131 lbs



and here is Christina Aguilera who is reported to weigh 140 lbs on her 5’1″ frame… No National Enquirer, I don”t believe she is 175lbs either.

Nicki Minaj who allegedly weighs 140 lbs and stands at 5’4″


And here I am with 133lbs on my frame, taken today.




conclusion DO NOT Google celebrity weights. If you don’t already have a complex these lies will give you one.


Don’t compare yourself to the lies that Hollywood is selling.




Wedding Video by eye.one.visuals

He washed his wife's feet

We were lucky to shoot some fabulous weddings in 2011, here’s a look.

Elevator kiss

Of fabric softener and kinky hair

For a few days now a Gain fabric softener commercial has been catching my eye, the ad features model/actress Tomiko Fraser with Wanda Sykes doing a delightful voiceover but the star of the ad is neither Sykes nor Fraser herself, but it is Fraser’s fabulous TWA, teeny weeny afro. It is rare to see natural hair on American television and even more rare for that hair to be tightly kinked on a dark skinned woman.

Photo credit: D'André Michael

I can’t help but have mad love for both the ad agency who conceptualised this and for Tomiko Fraser who made it look so very good.  Fraser has been sporting her natural hair for a while now and speaks candidly and publicly of her journey. I am really happy to see natural hair embraced in this way and I look forward to more black models with kinky hair gracing my TV screen and magazines in the future.

Here are some pics from her public Facebook page so you guys can see that she looks like a regular (gorgeous) woman and that her ‘fro looks fabulous even when not photographed by a pro.

Edit: Visit Gain’s Facebook page to tell them you love seeing kinky natural hair in a mainstream ad, maybe with enough positive feedback we can encourage more people to love the nap.

Random Beauty

I just came across this fantastic tutorial and thought I’d share, I am going to be wearing this look for the Christmas party…this look and my hot pink silk dress. Lookout!

I used Black Opal’s now discontinued “Goddess” on my lips and Black Up’s Shimmery Sublime powder to create a holiday shimmer.

I am also sick today so if I look a little tired forgive me and I’ll get back to longer commentary when I am better.

Model Moment: St Lucian Tarah Edward

© Risée Chaderton 2011

St. Lucian Tarah Edward is six feet of Caribbean goddess and the slender woman who speaks in the lilting but measured tones of the French-influenced Caribbean is unabashed in her confidence—though her voice seldom rises above a murmer. Tarah has nearly ten years of runway experience under her belt and still retains the drive and ambition to expand her horizons.

© Risée Chaderton 2011


Often bullied in childhood Tarah has used her experience to fuel her ambitions “I was told I was too tall and that I was ugly and dark” she recalls. “It hurt at the time but eventually I was able to use those same things to become a model.” In a world that regularly elevates paler skin and less kinky hair; a world where very dark skin is often more a show of tokenism or exoticism than honest appreciation for an Afrocentric beauty standard; Tarah, with her sculptural Nubian bone structure and ebony skin, is poised to turn it all on its proverbial ear.

Tarah on set with MUA Sherryanne Moore of SAM

© Risée Chaderton 2011