Nubienne gets the artistic treatment

Wow, what a wonderful surprise! Today I got an email from Scott Hamilton informing me that he’d drawn my portrait… ummm what? I have no recollection of sitting for a portrait. Scott had in fact drawn my portrait from my profile picture, an image that I love. I am honoured to have been a part of this artist’s 100 faces project and you can check out his blog here and his facebook page here.


Thanks again artboy68!

"Beautiful Nubienne" ©Scott Hamilton (artboy68) 2012


Wedding Video by

He washed his wife's feet

We were lucky to shoot some fabulous weddings in 2011, here’s a look.

Elevator kiss

Sandy Thorne- Girl Next Door makeover

Sandy -Before

Event planner, fashionista, supermommy and painter, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can daunt the bubbly spirit of 31 year old Sandy Thorne. She is petite and slender but her tiny frame houses a larger than life personality that is hard to ignore. A former construction worker and a professional painter, Sandy admits that sometimes there are aspects of construction work that are unappealing “I am a capable tiler” she says “but I really hate tiling” she adds the last phrase with an infectious grin. When Sandy discovered that she was a talented event planner she left construction and turned her hobby into a full-time job “I don’t like to be bored, so I am always reading about the next trend in event planning so that my parties or events are always fresh” When not planning an event Sandy keeps busy by dabbling in makeup artistry, working as a freelance massage therapist and mothering her 7 year-old daughter.


Location DeBushes St Thomas Barbados



The Christmas Sparrow

I woke this morning to the sight of an origami bird perched on a silver wrapping paper lake. The lights twinkled from the tree above reflected in silver and white on my present. The cool pre-dawn breeze was perfect and a hungry mosquito swiftly meets her demise as I interrupt her breakfast with a slap. The sky glows with streaks of pink and vermillion as the sun breeches the horizon and promises a crisp, clear hot Christmas Day.

The wrapping is far from perfect—his formidable skills lie elsewhere— the tape is askew in places and the paper bulges; the origami bird, however, is perfect. It sits, taped to the upper corner of my present like a tiny sparrow ready to alight on my hand if I let it and on the opposite corner he has carefully written my name. I have never seen my name in calligraphy before and I smile.  

I wasn’t expecting a present, but now there it sits lovingly looking at me from under the tree. I don’t want to open it, he has taken so much care with it, the bird, the calligraphy, the wrapping paper. The wings of my bird beckon and they read “Open Me” and so, like Alice, I do. I carefully smooth each fold and read what he has written inside, tears well in my eyes; I don’t need to know what is in the silver box.

This is Christmas and it has been wonderful.

Peace, love and joy to you.

Chic and Fabulous

Top ten fashion mavens including the luscious Edward Enninful, W’s new fashion editor.

Edward Enninful

Enninful speaks candidly here about the whitewashed fashion industry and blasts the folk who make excuses for not including darker-skinned models. Nothing but love, baby, nothing but love.

Random Beauty

I just came across this fantastic tutorial and thought I’d share, I am going to be wearing this look for the Christmas party…this look and my hot pink silk dress. Lookout!

I used Black Opal’s now discontinued “Goddess” on my lips and Black Up’s Shimmery Sublime powder to create a holiday shimmer.

I am also sick today so if I look a little tired forgive me and I’ll get back to longer commentary when I am better.