Celebrity Weight and the lies that fuel our disordered eating

Caution: This post contains lots of pictures of me in a bikini.



I Google everything— although these days Google is irritating me with their invasive policies—and my dirty secret is that I sometimes Google celebrity weights, because you know, I want to know what 120lbs on 5’3″ frame would look like. This week I have been obsessed with my own weight as I have gained several pounds and so I have been Googling celebrities who I think should weigh about the same as I do.

Who tell me do dat?

The madness follows…

I have used photos of my own body because I know what size I am and I can verify my own weight.

Since I know my own weight and height let’s compare things that are known to…the patently crazy things that Hollywood would have us believe.


Here I am at 5’3 (160cm) weighing in at 116lbs (I was actually ill and had lost tons of weight)



Now here is Alicia Keys who according to several sources (note I did not say reliable sources) allegedly weighs in at 122lbs on her 5′ 6″ frame

Right, so according to Hollywood people Alicia is 3 inches taller than me, weighs a mere six pounds more and yet…

Here I am four months after giving birth to my son with 141 lbs on my 5′ 3″ frame, allegedly 19lbs heavier than Alicia in that image… still looking smaller than Alicia (who looks hot)




Now here is Paula Patton who it is reported carries a mere 115lbs on her 5′ 4″

Don't get distracted by her hot husband Robin Thicke

Don't get distracted by her hot husband Robin Thicke

and here I am carrying 120 lbs on my 5″3′ frame



Beyoncé who allegedly weighs in at 128lbs on her 5′ 3″ frame


Me carrying 125lbs on my 5’3″ frame

and here I am at 131lbs 

131 lbs



and here is Christina Aguilera who is reported to weigh 140 lbs on her 5’1″ frame… No National Enquirer, I don”t believe she is 175lbs either.

Nicki Minaj who allegedly weighs 140 lbs and stands at 5’4″


And here I am with 133lbs on my frame, taken today.




conclusion DO NOT Google celebrity weights. If you don’t already have a complex these lies will give you one.


Don’t compare yourself to the lies that Hollywood is selling.




68 thoughts on “Celebrity Weight and the lies that fuel our disordered eating

  1. This resonated with me …fa real. I’ve always been just a tad bit perplexed with what I saw in the mirror compared with the celebrity info….Nuff thanks!!

    • No problem.

      I had the same issue, I kept wondering if I was fat because I outweighed women who looked bigger than I did, I mean if I am 19 pounds heavier and three inches shorter than Alicia Keys who is already sexy and curvy I must be fat right?

      I am glad my post resonated with you.

      • Thank you for this! You are a true natural beauty and have seriously rocked any amount of weight on your body! So fabulous, thank you for the inspiration!!

  2. P.S. Muscle weighs WAY more than fat so that explains why you weigh more than someone who is obviously fatter than you. I am a ballerina and am 5’2″ and I weigh 135 but I look like I weigh much less. But because of my dancing muscles I weigh more than I look.

    • If I said “en pointe!” would that be bad? LOL. You are absolutely correct muscle weighs significantly more than fat (note to self: must exercise) but they’re still telling lies 😉 I spend a lot of time photographing women and the figures that celeb handlers put out don’t match (not even close) to what I see daily.
      A ballerina you say? I had dreams of being a ballerina but they had this requirement about being coordinated, graceful and strong… I became a photographer instead. Seriously, congratulations, I think ballerinas are secretly one of the Fae(fairies)visually stunning, yet made completely of strength and determination.

  3. Thanks for this post, I actually have a big problem with my health because of this obsession I have with my weight.. I weigh 138 lbs (63 kg) and I am 5′ 5 so I assumed I was too big. Seeing your pictures and the great you look help me realize that it’s not too fat and that I shouldn’t be focusing on the number. I have a lot of muscle weight which I’m trying to get rid of because of this obsession. Anyway, I think that you look great and it’s an eyeopener for me to see this.

  4. Hi I’m 5’4 and weigh 140 and work out 3 times a week am 44 and have had 3 kids. I have been confused to why I can’t loose weight by the muscle thing makes sense. I do feel that I think I’m fatter than I actually am and reading this has made me feel better, funny because I came across this before I started looking at female stars weight! Thanks

    • At 5’4″ and 140lbs of MUSCLE you don’t sound at all like you need to lose any weight, you are well within what is considered a normal healthy range for your height and age. Muscle weighs more than fat and people with more muscle have higher metabolisms because muscle fibres burn more calories simply by existing. Our society is constructed in a way that has many men and women in a constant state of mild to moderate self-loathing and feelings of inadequacy. I’d say strive to be healthy, strive to love your body, its lumps, bumps, curves, and its muscles especially if you have worked hard to acquire them. If you keep comparing yourself to the distortions of the media you will find that you never measure up, the scale and the mirror will become your enemies and personal happiness will always be an elusive goal.

      “work out 3 times a week…” I salute you my friend, I just “worked out” at the Haagen Dazs café LOL

  5. hi my name is Aria i am a 14 year old girl and i live in southern Ohio I have been obsessed with my weight my entire life I’ve always been very tall for my age and I’ve always believed myself to be overweight even though people tell me i am thin and accasionally too thin and I’m prone to doing these kinds of things. Searching the internet too see if there’s any women to there my same height and weight its been a terrible struggle for me and this page has really helped me to realize that the internet is full of lies and is no way to judge your self based on something people put online I think what you did was absolutley amazing and will help many people to find the beauty in themselves and not compare to what they hear in the media. Thank you so much for exposing it in a way that has really helped me.

    • Hi Aria, I read your comment and was moved to tears. I wish someone had been able to make my 14-year-old self see the things that you have via my post.

      Thank you for being a wonderfully articulate teenager, stay strong, stay gorgeous and don’t let the bullies —including the ones in the media— get to you.


  6. You are a blessing! Found you by googling “140 lb celebrities”….lol (Why?! did I do that?) Would much rather look at our pics and explanations! ; ) Truthful & Inspiring!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to post this. I am 21 years old, 4’4″ and 145lbs. I work out 3 times a week and go to school. I am in a constant battle of being happy with myself. I work out and eat right and can’t seem to get under 140! I truly believe the media and our society is really skewing what is normal and I struggle with it every single day. I hope more young girls see your post and realize at earlier ages that what society tells us is normal these days actually isn’t normal at all. I continue to struggle with being so unhappy in my weight and I hope I come across more of these kinds of posts in the future. Thank you for putting this out there.

    • Love who you are, strive to be healthy, accept that the media isn’t your friend. The media is more like that snippy “cool” girl in school who is always making snarky remarks about your appearance behind your back while smiling in your face. ie. Not. Your. Friend.

  8. Hi! It’s great to find out I’m not the crazy one who believes these people lie about their weight. I mean, I’m overweight (88 kg) and I’m only 1,67 m, But I’m so much thinner than Christina Aguilera. Today I start on a diet plan to get to 70 kg,that’s my goal, I won’t go mad about it because I’ve got a big complexion and I already have two kids and the time I was skinny I was 67 kg so… Anyway, I think you look great and that you’ve done an amazing job… Be healthy you all!!!

  9. your post is really interesting, it really got me thinking about celebrities and about their weight, im 16 years old 5’6 and just found out today that i am 140 pounds 😦 i do suffer from and ED and it really helped me thank you!

    • The question isn’t “How much do I weigh?” it is, “Do I feel good?” “Am I fabulous?” Why, yes, yes I do and yes I am.

      Love yourself and treat yourself well, you are worth it.

      Another thing I’ve learned, clothing manufacturers lie about the sizes. Buy clothes that fit not clothes that are labeled with the size you think you are. If you find looking at the size tags distressing… cut them out. Not being confronted with with the lying sizes helps, well, it sure helped me.

      • BTW update. I bought a pair of pants in a size 10 today…!!! The company runs the sizes small *shrug* They fit, I love them, whatever!

    • If Beyoncé is 5’6″ then at 128lbs she should look thinner than my 5’3″ self at 131lbs…also since she dances all the time and I am not an exercise hound Bey’s packed full of muscle which weighs more than fat so either way somebody is telling lies.

  10. Wow! Thank you for the time you took to help people. I think that these actresses should take a stand, and tell the truth. The young girls in this world would benefit from their honesty. I bet even the anorexia numbers would drop,if they would just be honest. The truth is not going to change the fact that they are beautiful.

  11. Thank you! I’ve been thinking the same thing all my life. At 5’3″ and 124 I look pretty darn tiny. I look skeletal and sick anything below 115. I think we should keep calling them out on their b.s. and go for real healthy weight.

  12. This is honestly the only article Ive ever commented on in my life, I just had to! I loved it. So glad you wrote as I myself have have felt the same way and thought the exact same things! You did an awesome job!

  13. this is so awesome, i have recovered from anorexia but i still battle weight issues, i feel so huge all the time i am 5’3 and i weigh about 55 kg’s, my body feel out of proportion and i eat healthily and over exercise but still battle these demons. do you really suggest that cutting of labels would lessen anxiety?

    • “do you really suggest that cutting of labels would lessen anxiety?”

      It certainly did for me but that was in conjunction with ditching my addiction to glossy fashion magazines and mean-spirited “fashionistas” who never hesitate to remind women that whatever their size they are never going to be “the right size”

      I banned things like “Fashion Police” and other celeb spotting media because I found that those things were just designed to make normal, beautiful women feel inferior.

      Also, my favourite H&M high waisted jeans are a little tight today… mmm, more sexy I say!

      Stay strong Beautiful!

  14. Thank you!!! You are a hot woman and I admire your guts. I went from 115, my normal…to 121 over the winter. I have been nuts about it and you brought me back to reality. Blessings to you!!!

  15. Thanks for this. I am 5’11” and weigh 139lbs. I am aged 40 with 3 kids and work out 5 times a week, high % of muscle mass. I could not figure out why celebs my height (Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts) were supposedly 25lbs lighter. Thank you for stopping me pursuing an ‘ideal’ that doesn’t exist.

  16. thank you for your post I have a son at preschool now and workout strenuously while he is away. I am 29 and am a mommy and embraced my new found curves and hips but I wanted to know what a 5’4 140 lbs. women looks like. And I was wrong to compare myself to those supposedly posted weight on certain actresses and singers. I thought it was my scale; I always said, “these scales don’t work” it isn’t possible, I workout 5 days a week (twice weight training alternate cardio and yoga even hiking and its hot out here in southern C A.) and was contemplating doing double workouts 😦 I mean who does that.(well me back when I was 21) I really try to make healthy choices and I wonder what theses celebs do to be that thin. I guess they lie about how much they weigh, the posted weight is absurd. By having your body to compare to its easy to see. Your theory sounds more believable. So over this I’ve been struggling with weight since high school battle with exercising too much being a freak about anything I eat and never being happy. I weighed 130 at one point literally barely keeping myself just above starving. I look back at how beautiful I was but didn’t know it! I never knew being thin doesn’t add up to being happy…Because I had a perfect body from my point of view now but it was really distorted then. I would workout out like a mad women and to no avail!!!! ugh I just want to be happy. oh yea I have a step daughter who lives in LA pursuing acting and she battled with anorexia at 14. She got counseling she is 19 now but is always tired – she eats like a bird.( a small bird she is 5’6 and weighs 115) I only hope she eats that way because she really only is that hungry not because she is trying to obtain a certain look which will give you the edge over other girls in this competitive Los Angeles casting directors. I will definitely forward this to her and by the way you look great!!! I cant thank you enough!

  17. Thank you for being a strong, fabulous woman and being willing to teach others to see themselves in a similar light. I grew up in a weight-obsessed family; my mother struggled with anorexia and bulimia and both of my older sisters have had eating disorders as well. I do not fall into the “glamorous” range (I am 5’6″ and a little over 200 lbs, much of which is muscle from hiking, speed walking, and dance, especially in my legs). My mother has been on my case for years about my size, even referring to me as her “morbidly obese” daughter. I am going to share this with her and explain why her ideals are completely unrealistic and embrace my body the way it is. Beautiful and born this way!

  18. I just came across this article after looking uo celebrity height and weights. I felt, too, that something wasn’t adding up after seeing celebrities that werr 5’6 or 5’5 saying they were 115. I’m 5’6 and usually fluctuating between 111-115 and I have chicken legs. Lol but seriously I’m very thin, actually underweight according to the BMI but I cant help that issue. I got a little suspicious though, glad I’m not the only one

  19. Oh man! Thank you for this blog. I really do feel better now and I will always remind myself not to compare my weight to falsely stated Hollywood stats! thanks lady.

  20. I google celerity weights all the time too!
    I think there is another side to the story as well. A lot of celebrities who are very skinny, and have an underweight BMI say that they weigh heavier so as not to receive media backlash. For example, I see that during Friends Courteney Cox was apparently 58 kgs at 5’5″, and I’ve been 58 kgs at 5’5″. I would say her weight would be closer to 48 kgs given how bony and skinny she used to be. Same goes with a lot of other celebrities.

  21. This and everyone’s comments are a breath of fresh air that I do not struggle with this alone. I had a baby 20 months ago, my entire body and size changed and I struggle daily with how I look and am constantly comparing myself, what you wrote and what everyone else just wrote in was . .. . calming to my running mind. I should know that I am ok and this helped. I thank you.

  22. Thank you for writing such an amazing post. It’s very hard to accept your bosy and even harder post baby.This has been a Godsend and a blessing and has truly helped with my bodydsymorphia. The media is full of B.S and unfortunately many Hollywood actresses (like many women) are unable to admit their true weight and that takes a toll on impressionable young (and old) women today.

  23. Thank you for such a good article. I google celebrity weights entirely too much and what you have said in this post brings you right back to reality! Very inspiring!

  24. Two years later and this post is still ruling. Beautifully written, honest and timely. Thank you so so much for taking the time to do the research and write this.

  25. I think you shouldn’t be using your own body as evidence that the celebrities are lying about their weight because 1) everyone’s weight is distributed differently, you look like you have some muscle which means even if you weigh more, you’ll look leaner than those of us with higher fat percentage 2) of course celebs lie about their weight or they may have weighed that at some point, but just like you and me, their weight fluctuates …especially when their schedule isn’t busy, they may overindulge and be less active then gain weight.. i believe Beyonce has weighed 125-130 when she’s in her best shape (though I think she is taller than 5’3 I believe she’s actually 5’6)….

    So even though I agree that we shouldn’t Google celeb weights and compare … I also think that sometimes we forget that being a celebrity doesn’t mean you don’t have phases where you don’t look your best.

  26. This is great! I am 5’2″ @115 lbs and kept looking at celebrities that are much bigger yet their weights online said less than me. Couldn’t understand why the lies. I even put my pics in photoshop next to other celebs in right proportion and saw how much smaller I am yet some are apparently 10 lbs lighter than me lol, even with the understanding that women carry weights differently. As a mom of 3 girls I tell my kids NOT to believe everything they see and read, especially since I’m a photoshop retoucher and KNOW what can be done with it. Great posting 🙂

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