Sandy Thorne- Girl Next Door makeover

Sandy -Before

Event planner, fashionista, supermommy and painter, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can daunt the bubbly spirit of 31 year old Sandy Thorne. She is petite and slender but her tiny frame houses a larger than life personality that is hard to ignore. A former construction worker and a professional painter, Sandy admits that sometimes there are aspects of construction work that are unappealing “I am a capable tiler” she says “but I really hate tiling” she adds the last phrase with an infectious grin. When Sandy discovered that she was a talented event planner she left construction and turned her hobby into a full-time job “I don’t like to be bored, so I am always reading about the next trend in event planning so that my parties or events are always fresh” When not planning an event Sandy keeps busy by dabbling in makeup artistry, working as a freelance massage therapist and mothering her 7 year-old daughter.


Location DeBushes St Thomas Barbados




8 thoughts on “Sandy Thorne- Girl Next Door makeover

    • Thank you, many of us have bought into the narrow definition of beauty that the Hollywood/Fashion Industry has been selling for years, and we have bought into it to the detriment of our self-esteem. Each week I shoot regular women, mothers, students, waitresses, bank clerks, tele-marketers and turn them into cover girls (and sometimes guys).

      When Sandy saw her photo she burst into tears “…is that me?” she asked “I can’t believe that is me” it was a moment that made me sad because we have been so conditioned to believe that “women” don’t have wrinkles or fat or that they roll out of bed looking like magazine covers we can no longer see the beauty in ourselves.

      Women are beautiful and I try to unpack that beauty knapsack and repack it with goodness for each one of my clients.

      Thank you for your comment


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