Model Moment: St Lucian Tarah Edward

© Risée Chaderton 2011

St. Lucian Tarah Edward is six feet of Caribbean goddess and the slender woman who speaks in the lilting but measured tones of the French-influenced Caribbean is unabashed in her confidence—though her voice seldom rises above a murmer. Tarah has nearly ten years of runway experience under her belt and still retains the drive and ambition to expand her horizons.

© Risée Chaderton 2011


Often bullied in childhood Tarah has used her experience to fuel her ambitions “I was told I was too tall and that I was ugly and dark” she recalls. “It hurt at the time but eventually I was able to use those same things to become a model.” In a world that regularly elevates paler skin and less kinky hair; a world where very dark skin is often more a show of tokenism or exoticism than honest appreciation for an Afrocentric beauty standard; Tarah, with her sculptural Nubian bone structure and ebony skin, is poised to turn it all on its proverbial ear.

Tarah on set with MUA Sherryanne Moore of SAM

© Risée Chaderton 2011







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