Stealth Sharia Butterball Turkey

I was washing the dishes, minding my own business when I was presented with this video.

I sputtered and burst out in hysterical fits of laughter, tears, belly laugh… wait, what is this you say— this is not a Saturday Night Live sketch? Seth Meyers wasn’t going to come on and play the straight guy to the madness I was seeing? What is that you say? This was THE NEWS! Yes folks, Americans are being told to fear the great Muslim conspiracy… Sharia Turkey. I just want you guys to know that I am having difficulty typing this without fits of the giggles. Thankfully Muslims don’t seem to be taking this ignorant, bigoted claptrap seriously. Here is a hilarious takedown of  blogger Pamela Geller, from whom the Halal Butterball Stealth Sharia Turkey originated. I’d say she was insane, but I am not a psychiatrist, and so must refrain from making clinical judgements. Still, I can confirm that she is both bigoted and clearly willfully ignorant, based solely on the statements she makes publicly.

Geller states in her article, “Did you know that the turkey you’re going to enjoy on Thanksgiving Day this Thursday is probably halal? If it’s a Butterball turkey, then it certainly is…”  I’m not so sure about that, but why stop there? Geller goes on to call halal meat, “[…] meat slaughtered by means of a torturous method: Islamic slaughter.” Does she count the method that is used for kosher meat as “tortuous” or does it only become PETA-petition-worthy when Muslims are involved?  I like halal chicken, I am a bit of a girly-girl in the kitchen and I like to pretend that my meat was never actually attached to a living creature, I dislike seeing blood on or near my food, ick….bring on the halal chicken, turkey too if you have it!

Talking Points Memo also takes on Geller’s claims and I eagerly await their report on the “Communist infiltration of the turducken




Wanda, Wanda, Wanda

I wrote yesterday about Tomiko Fraser’s hair in the new Gain Fabric Softener commercial and while I was googling the other star of the commercial, Wanda Sykes, I came across these fabulous photographs of Sykes and her wife Alex.  Wanda’s hair looks fantastic and wifey’s tux would look great in my closet.

Alex gave birth to the couple’s twins in April and is looking fabulous.

Of fabric softener and kinky hair

For a few days now a Gain fabric softener commercial has been catching my eye, the ad features model/actress Tomiko Fraser with Wanda Sykes doing a delightful voiceover but the star of the ad is neither Sykes nor Fraser herself, but it is Fraser’s fabulous TWA, teeny weeny afro. It is rare to see natural hair on American television and even more rare for that hair to be tightly kinked on a dark skinned woman.

Photo credit: D'André Michael

I can’t help but have mad love for both the ad agency who conceptualised this and for Tomiko Fraser who made it look so very good.  Fraser has been sporting her natural hair for a while now and speaks candidly and publicly of her journey. I am really happy to see natural hair embraced in this way and I look forward to more black models with kinky hair gracing my TV screen and magazines in the future.

Here are some pics from her public Facebook page so you guys can see that she looks like a regular (gorgeous) woman and that her ‘fro looks fabulous even when not photographed by a pro.

Edit: Visit Gain’s Facebook page to tell them you love seeing kinky natural hair in a mainstream ad, maybe with enough positive feedback we can encourage more people to love the nap.

Chic and Fabulous

Top ten fashion mavens including the luscious Edward Enninful, W’s new fashion editor.

Edward Enninful

Enninful speaks candidly here about the whitewashed fashion industry and blasts the folk who make excuses for not including darker-skinned models. Nothing but love, baby, nothing but love.

Random Beauty

I just came across this fantastic tutorial and thought I’d share, I am going to be wearing this look for the Christmas party…this look and my hot pink silk dress. Lookout!

I used Black Opal’s now discontinued “Goddess” on my lips and Black Up’s Shimmery Sublime powder to create a holiday shimmer.

I am also sick today so if I look a little tired forgive me and I’ll get back to longer commentary when I am better.

A fantastic rev…


A fantastic review of Rihanna’s rise to the top of the pop heap. Image



A quote from the article “The runaway success of the melancholic retro-rave “We Found Love” certifies Rihanna as one of the most successful pop singers of all time, according to Billboard magazine. It’s her 20th Top 20 hit, amassed faster than any other solo artist in chart history. But it’s the video that really dazzles. On Oct. 20, film director Dennis Dortch (“A Good Day to be Black & Sexy”) tweeted the clip along with the comments, “Wow. I believe this to be flyest music video ever by a major (black) recording artist.” He later added, “I wish someone would cast her in an indie film.”


Read it, it is fantastic!